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New Years Parties are Best With Like Minded Individuals

Whatever you do or wherever you go. Whether it's a bar, nightclub, street party, or simply over at a friends house (typically my personal favorite and probably the most common thing to do). It's always best to bring in the new year with people who think somewhat like you do. It can be exciting to meet someone who is opposite, but if your looking for long-term relationships (the person you can hang out with every year) it's best finding someone a bit like you. People say opposites attract using the old comparison of the positive end of one magnet attracts the negative end of the other magnet. Positive and negative attracting; opposites right? Yes, but don't forget, they are both magnets.

I found this to be true. It's really fun to meet someone not like you on a temporary basis, but my close friends share a lot in common with me.